Spin Off magazine

Spin Off is the premier magazine for handspinners. Founded in 1977, it offers human-interest stories, how-to information, and recommendations for spinners of all levels. I served as editor from Summer 2014 through Fall 2018, including a redesign in 2017.

"Looks like Anne Merrow pulled out all the stops for her last issue. So glad I renewed my subscription so I didn’t miss this." —Susan, subscriber

"Anne Merrow did a wonderful job with the magazine, so wonderful she got a promotion, darn it ..." —Lynne, subscriber

Easy Weaving with Little Looms

Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a special issue of Handwoven magazine. I concepted and edited the 2016 edition, which sold out in print and brought in 300% of the budgeted advertising revenue. The special issue continues as a popular annual, edited by a colleague with my oversight. The 2016 issue is scheduled for reprint in 2019.

Special Issues

Spin + Knit and Enchanted Knits are one-time special issues including articles and knitting patterns.